The Reparenting

The Reparenting Masterclass

A 90-minute masterclass that will help you identify your triggers, your anxieties & your fears, so that you can find ways to stay calm amidst the chaos and learn evidence-based tools to help you and your entire family thrive.

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But what if I told you that I not only have that roadmap, but I've lived that roadmap?

What if I told you that as a clinician, I could teach you all the evidence-based tools I share with my clients every day. The ones that research shows to be so helpful in managing our triggers in those oh-so-difficult parenting moments.

But what if I also told you that, as a mom, I'll be really honest with you about how hard it can be to implement these lovely ideas and practices. 

Which is why we'll also talk realistic strategies that won't leave you feeling like you're doing it all wrong. 

YouWant To Take A Different Parenting Path, You Just Haven't Found The Right Roadmap Yet.

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" I had no idea I was a sensitive person until I found her Instagram page. My daughter is just like me and some of our coping techniques are similar too. It's because of her that I've been able to give myself more grace and not be so hard on myself. Thank you for being so wonderful and providing the support we needed!"

— Julia 

Natalie has given me peace of mind and confidence as a mother. 

And I came into this parenting experience with a massive clinical toolkit and years of experience helping my clients do this work!

But parenting, especially parenting a highly sensitive child, as a highly sensitive person myself, hit me hard. And even with all my training, I was wholly unprepared for how triggering I'd find those early years of parenting little humans.

Which is why we'll also be talking about what being a highly sensitive person, or parenting a highly sensitive child, has to do with any of this inner work. 

I've Been There And I Know How Hard It All Can Feel

but guess what...

The Reparenting Masterclass


If you’ve ever wondered why it can feel so hard to stay calm during those oh-so-challenging parenting moments, this course is for you.

When it comes to learning how to regulate your emotions it’s good to know the basics and that’s where we’ll start. I’ll show you how to identify your tolerance for stress, understand how trauma and stress impact your Window of Tolerance, a little Polyvagal Theory primer, and why it can feel so hard to stay regulated, despite having the best of intentions, especially when we have a more sensitive nervous system.

I’ll show you how I guide my clients through the work of bringing awareness to our thoughts and beliefs so that we can stay emotionally regulated when we need to most. And we’ll also explore the relationship between self-compassion and shame, and the enormous impact the way you speak to and about yourself can have on the way you feel as you move through your day and your life.

Here's What You'll Learn

Understanding Your Nervous System

Thoughts & Beliefs

part one

part tw0

True wellbeing requires that we have both a certain level of awareness around how our body is feeling in any given moment, as well as the capacity to shift our states from, let's say, stress to balance or from fear to calm. In this segment of the masterclass we'll talk about the ways we can begin to heighten your self-awareness, tune into your body, learn how to interpret your triggers and mindfully manage your reactions. 

Working From The Body Up

Part four

In this section we'll talk about emotions, why they can feel so scary, and why it's so important that we allow ourselves to feel them in their entirety. As well as some exercises we can do that will help us with this process. 

All About Emotions

Part Three


I'm in!

PLUS: I’ll teach you a series of evidence-based tools that will help you manage the very real day-to-day stressors of parenting.

At its core, reparenting is basically about learning to relate to yourself with the same kindness and compassion I know you give so lovingly to your own children.

It's about understanding your needs, your fears, and your anxieties, and taking the time to really listen to what they're telling you.

It’s about tuning into your nervous system and bringing awareness to your triggers, so that ultimately, you can feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your emotions, your thoughts and your reactions to everyday life.

And ultimately, it's about learning how to do all of this for ourselves, so that we can then go back into our lives and model it for our children.

Which is exactly why I created this Masterclass

Wait A Minute Though, What Exactly Does Reparenting
Even Mean?

Finally understand why it feels so hard to stay regulated in those difficult moments

How does this sound?

Learn exactly how to support yourself when you need it most



This Masterclass is going to help you

Discover evidence-based tools that you can come back to over and over again.


Learn to be kinder to yourself. Really.


Feel more in control of your emotions and more confident in your ability to tolerate stress


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Meet Natalie

I think like so many of us, I came into parenthood with an idea of what it would all look like. And, well, spoiler alert, it looked nothing at all like what I imagined! And so The Highly Sensitive Family was born. 

more about me

I'm a Psychotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Parenting Educator, mental Health Advocate & Mom to two Exceptional boys

The Reparenting

The Reparenting Masterclass

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*Just a reminder that this is not mental health treatment, nor a replacement for mental health treatment or therapy, but is rather purely educational. Please reach out for further support in your community as needed.