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Raising Us

Raising Us


 A Nervous System-Based Parenting Membership For Highly Sensitive, Deeply Feeling, Cycle-Breaking & Neurodivergent Families


Welcome to Raising Us, the roadmap you've been waiting for! It's a holistic, family-centered, nervous system & trauma-informed parenting membership designed specifically with the needs of sensitively-wired families in mind. 

It's everything I once needed, and some days still need, as a highly sensitive & neurodivergent mother, with some pretty big childhood traumas of my own, as I parent two wonderfully sensitive, deeply feeling little humans, who, let's be honest, don't love to sleep, but do love to see the world in ways that never cease to amaze me.

At it's core, Raising Us is about raising ourselves alongside our kids, bringing awareness to the healing work we need to do first, as parents & caregivers, radically transforming the way we parent so that we can access all the tools we need to raise our sensitively-wired families.

Raising Us is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and I can say with confidence that if you show up, and do the work, it will radically transform the way you feel about parenting.

You Know You Want To Parent Differently, You Just Haven't Found The Right Roadmap Yet

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But before I tell you all about Raising Us, we need to talk about who it's really for...

But before I tell you all about Raising Us, we need to talk about who it's really for...






Have you ever...

If you answered yes to any of these, you're in the right place!

Learn to see yourself, your child & any parenting challenges you're navigating through the lens of nervous system sensitivity & the superpower it can truly be

Finally understand the connection between sensitivity, resilience, stress, trauma, the nervous system, regulation & neurodivergence, and the tools needed to help your family thrive!

 Set boundaries with confidence, bring joy & playfulness into your day, let go of the guilt & shame you carry, and stay more regulated in those oh-so-difficult moments

Connect with a supportive community of incredible parents, on both our live calls & our wonderful community platform, who are on a parenting journey very similar to your own.

Learn from 30+ hours of evidence-based, sensitivity & neurodiversity affirming content with a trained trauma therapist & occupational therapist (plus all our guests!)

Honour your parenting journey, and take the time to heal, as you hold space for all the grief, loss, traumas & challenges that have come up for you along the way

The Raising Us Membership Is Here To Help You... 


Everything I have done that has been run by Natalie has genuinely made me a better person, towards myself and to others in my life.

I took the Reparenting Masterclass, and felt every word resonated. I then took the ILABB and it brought us so much peace with our past and future decisions. This community is like the two combined on such a deep soulful level that I feel like I always learn something new, things resonate so much deeper and I can genuinely feel myself change - my thinking patterns, my habits, my compassion growing (towards self and others), and my essence. It's like the final thing that brings all the pieces together and genuinely allows me to show up as the parent I would like to be.


In a sea of parenting content that had me feeling like I could never do enough to get it right, Raising Us helped me realize that I am the mother my children need, just as I am.

Through Natalie’s content, I’ve learned to slow down and see the beauty in my and my child’s sensitively-wired nervous systems. By connecting and relating with parents in families like mine, I feel seen and less alone.

With every piece of content and every connection, my inner child heals a little more.


Joining Raising Us has been the number one most beneficial thing I have done for myself since becoming a parent. 

The support offered in this community is multifaceted. I have, in one way or another, leaned on this community during my parenting journey every day since joining. I’ve gained a better understanding of my children, myself, my relationships. I move through my days intentionally, with awareness, and more confident that I can show up for my family as the mom and wife that I have hoped to be.


Raising Us is such a special place that understands & celebrates the nuance of all things parenting, is supportive but not pandering, 

Raising Us helps us deepen our knowledge of the nervous system, trauma, sensitivity and how that relates to our parenting experience. It helps us understand and explore ourselves, reflect on our own perceptions, preconceptions, childhood memories and triggers. In Raising Us there is seriously no judgement, just openness, curiosity and a willingness to explore and engage. I can't emphasize how rare and important this is!


It's hard to write a glowing testimonial, without being aware that I never trust the glowing testimonials that I see...

And not wanting this to be something that people don’t trust. So. Here goes.

The content of the monthly workshops, calls and classes has brought together ideas and theories I already knew, but added further context and has also framed them in a way that makes it simple to understand, to reflect on, and to see how an issue might be changed or how I might change around an issue. Natalie has a way of communicating that is clear, understanding and compassionate and makes me believe that change for the better is possible and starts to show me how. The community is so kind and understanding, and so very willing to support and offer ideas to anyone offering up a problem or situation. Whatever the problem is, there is always someone else who has or is dealing with some like similar.

Raising Us is a warm, welcoming, educating, compassionate and understanding place for people who are dealing with high sensitivity in their family and who want to understand how and why, and want to make connections with others in a similar place.

Sarah E

I was and am a follower of Natalie for about a year before she “invented” Raising Us. Her shares and posts hit home everytime. 

I was hesitant at first to join her program due to the cost and it being internationally (I am based in Europe), yet when she said she is changing it into a membership program, I knew that this is my opportunity. It was basically an affordable and risk free trial of three months and if I didn’t like it, I could stop.

Raising us was basically not only what I had hoped for, it is even more. It basically raised me up in ways I haven’t thought of. I have done another program before, but it was too overwhelming and time consuming.

So what is it for me: It’s a membership community for neurodivergent individuals-mostly parents- who want to learn about themselves and why they feel and act the way they do. There are deep dives about our nervous system, we are getting taught about different strategies for dealing with our and our kids/partners feelings.

Also the community is the best ever.


I'll never forget a few weeks after my first child was born, looking at my husband and both of us saying at the exact same time: "WTF!" 

Followed by, "why didn't anyone tell us it was going to be this hard?"

The sleep struggles. The colicky baby. The traumatic birth. The tongue tie. The reflux. The way our relationship with one another seemed to crumble at our feet. The postpartum insomnia. The undiagnosed postpartum depression & ptsd. 

And I came into this parenting experience with a massive clinical toolkit and years of experience helping my clients do this work!

But parenting, especially parenting a sensitively-wired child, as a sensitively-wired person myself, hit me hard. And even with all my training, all my experience as a trauma therapist and an occupational therapist, I was wholly unprepared for how triggering I'd find those early years of parenting little humans and how long it would take me to find my own way.

But I did find my way. I did learn to tune out all that noise. I did take the time to dive deep into understanding my child's needs, as well as my own. While doing a whole lot of healing work along the way. And this membership is here to help you do the same.

Everything inside Raising Us comes from a blend of my own clinical expertise, as well as my lived experience as a mother, which is what makes it such a special place to learn & grow.

Six years ago when I had my first child I was totally thrown sideways by how hard this parenting gig felt


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Natalie Brunswick

Occupational Therapist
Parenting Educator
mental Health Advocate
Mom to two Amazing boys

How Raising Us Works

Educational Content

Inside of Raising Us you'll find a place where you can celebrate your wins, share your challenges, and get to know our incredible community of parents here to hold you up as you navigate your parenting journey.

THE community

All Raising Us members will get priority access or discounts on Natalie's other offers (like the I'd Love Another Baby, But... course or any small group coaching or professional trainings Natalie runs in the future). 

Every month or two Natalie will bring in incredible guest experts to share their expertise with us. These calls will often be live, so you can ask questions and engage with the speaker and your community around the topic.

Discounts & Perks

Guest Speakers

You'll get immediate access to a library of 30+ hours of content on a wide range of topics related to parenting, the nervous system, healing, neurodivergence, trauma & more. Natalie will continue adding to this library over time.

When you join Raising Us you'll get access to a special audio series where I answer your questions and share quick tips and insights to help you seamlessly integrate the program's content into your daily life.

Monthly Q&A CALLS

The Podcast Series

Get all the details!

Topics We'll Cover:

How To Thrive As A Highly Sensitive Child, Parent & Family

The Sensitive Nervous System & The Window of Tolerance

Anxiety, Fear & Building Resilience

Trauma, Stress & Healing

Emotional Regulation

Sensitivity As Our Strength & Superpower

Shame, Guilt & Self-Compassion

Setting Limits & Boundaries

Exploring Neurodivergence (Autism, ADHD, SPD, etc)

Mastering Thoughts & Beliefs

That's over $2,999 in value!

Special Guests

While there is so much I can teach you, I also know enough to know that I don't know everything. I can't wait to bring in all kinds of guest experts to share on topics like: Sleep, Sensory Processing Disorder, Giftedness & 2E, Matrescence, ADHD,  Homeschooling, Breathwork, Somatic Practices & more!

Needs, Values & Identity

Grief, Loss & Forgiveness

Sleep, Sensitivity & Polyvagal Theory

Nervous System & Somatic Tools (for Kids & Parents)

Creating Environments That Help Our Kids & Ourselves Thrive

Navigating School & School Alternatives

Strengthening Your Relationship With Your Partner

Connection-First Parenting Tools

The Relationship Between Play & The Nervous System

And so much more!

sign up Now for $147

sign up Now for $147

Access Your First 3 Months for Only $147 USD. Membership Auto-Renews For 49$/Month After That. Cancel Anytime.

All payments will auto-renew unless cancelled by purchaser. There are no refunds provided.

Don't Miss Out On This Experience!

more about me

Meet Natalie

I think like so many of us, I came into parenthood with an idea of what it would all look like. And, well, spoiler alert, it looked nothing at all like what I imagined!

When you join Raising Us, you don't just get the benefit of my professional knowledge, but you also get the mom who is on this parenting & healing journey right alongside you. 

I'm a Trauma Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Parenting Coach, mental Health Advocate & Mom to two Exceptional boys

Finding Raising Us was like finding light, or catching a deep breath. I was so stressed, watching my son really really struggle.

Watching me and my husband struggle. I knew there must be more information out there, I knew I wasn't making it up in my head and then Natalie appeared with her sweet demeanour and vast immense of knowledge. I truly felt like I was drowning a bit and then suddenly I was not, and I was swimming beside other caregivers who wanted to help each other get to the other side, whatever that looked like."

— Lauren coll

Raising Us has been a game-changer for me in terms of understanding all of the intricacies of neurodivergence

I look forward to the monthly content being released each time and feel like I can take a deep breath again after I've studied it because my child makes a little more sense to me and I feel more able to parent in ways that affirm and accommodate my child's differences and gifts. Her course has helped me have more compassion for both myself in my parenting journey and my neurodivergent/autistic child. Plus, Natalie is just so darn calming and encouraging and brilliant!

— Emily Johnson

Raising Us is exactly the parenting content I have been searching for. 

 Natalie's thoughtful, nuanced, balanced viewpoint is a breath of fresh air in an online parenting influencer space that has become dominated by "tricks and hacks." I particularly appreciate her in-depth content that educates me on the science behind the strategies. Natalie is honest about her own parenting struggles and always makes me feel seen and supported. The community itself is absolutely lovely too, I wish I could meet everyone in person and have a group hug.

— DeeDee Andrews

Raising Us is the parents circle I've been longing for

Ever since my sensitive eldest daughter's birth turned my world upside down. I have gained knowledge here that has empowered me to be more present & calm in my parenting, in my marriage and my relationship with myself, and I've loved giving and receiving support from the other parents in the forum. I love that Raising Us doesn't focus on scripts that never seem to work on my kid, but rather teaches *why* we and our children react the way we do, enabling me to apply my understanding to my specific child and circumstances. This community is packed with so much helpful knowledge and tools and also feels like a warm hug. I highly recommend!

— Anonymous

Being part of the Raising Us community has been so healing. 

Relating to others, having people who are so incredibly supportive, not to mention all of Natalie's wonderful content. I realized that, while my daughter will surely benefit from me being a part of this community, it is really me who is healing and growing and benefiting from the sense of community that is so often missing from our day to day.

— Heather alp

Being a part of Raising Us is one of the best decisions I have made in my parenting journey.

I have learned so much from Natalie's content, both in relation to my own healing journey and also parenting my highly sensitive son. I feel so supported in the community. I feel like I have found my people, those who get it, who get me, where I can share the most vulnerable difficult moments of life and parenting and there is always someone there who relates, to offer advice or just show support. I often thought healing and change wasn't possible for me. Being a part Raising Us has showed me it is.


I am so happy that I joined Raising Us. 

Before being a part of this wonderful community, I felt alone in my motherhood journey. I do not have anyone else in my life who has a neurodivergent child and highly sensitive child so finding this group was a breath of fresh air. It is filled with people who can relate to my experiences. The workshops, guest calls and Q&A sessions are so helpful! I have learned so much in the last 6 months that have helped me feel like less of a failure as a mom and have helped me to parent my children in such a way that will help them feel good in their skin and help them along the journey they are on.


sign up Now for $147

sign up Now for $147

Access Your First 3 Months for Only $147 USD. Membership Auto-Renews For 49$/Month After That. Cancel Anytime.

All payments will auto-renew unless cancelled by purchaser. There are no refunds provided.

Join The Raising Us Membership!

Frequently Asked Questions

That parents just like you have asked before saying ‘Yes’ to the Parenting Membership

I'm Not Clear On How The Raising Us Membership Works, Can You Explain?

I'm Not Clear On How The Raising Us Membership Works, Can You Explain?

Frequently Asked Questions

That parents just like you have asked before saying ‘Yes’ to the Parenting Membership

Absolutely! In a course, you get access to a defined set of content, and perhaps support in implementing it over a short period of time. Courses work really well when you have very specific problem and information (workshops, downloads, etc.) is the primary thing you need to help you solve that problem.

In a membership, you're embarking on a journey that includes so much more than just learning concepts. Yes, you'll get access to all those educational workshops, but you'll also get access to live Q&A calls with Natalie to help you implement & integrate those concepts in your everyday life, you'll get access to our incredible Guest Workshops that dive deeper on the specific topics & challenges you may be navigating, you'll benefit from the multiple learning modalities we have inside Raising Us (video, audio, written summaries, live calls, recorded calls), and a community forum with some of the most amazing parents out there! Plus you get access to our living library of resources - meaning they're continually being updated and added to over time. Which you'll retain access to for as long as you're a current member. 

Think of Netflix, but with a group of badass parents you actually wish you could hang out with in real life! That's Raising Us.

Will I Be Able To Access The Membership Materials Immediately?

Will I Be Able To Access The Membership Materials Immediately?

Yes. Once you sign up you'll get an email with a link inviting you to setup a profile on our Raising Us platform, which is hosted on Circle. You can access the content from your computer, or you can download the Circle App and access it right from your phone. Once your profile is setup you'll be able to see all of our workshops, coaching call recordings, podcast episodes, resource library and community posts. You'll also receive new content as it gets released.

Do I Need To Work Through The Content In Order?

Do I Need To Work Through The Content In Order?

Do I Get To Keep The Content Forever?

Do I Get To Keep The Content Forever?

Raising Us is a membership, not a course, which means that as long as you are a member you can access the content. However, as soon as you cancel your membership you will lose access to the content library, just like Netflix!

The best part of a membership, however, is that you get to pay a much lower fee for access to all the incredible content that would cost A LOT more if it was inside of a course. 

Is There A Refund Policy?

Is There A Refund Policy?

Because of the digital nature of the material there will be no refunds provided. It is also your responsibility to cancel your membership if you wish to avoid future charges.

Can This Be A Replacement For Therapy?

Can This Be A Replacement For Therapy?

This membership is not a replacement for therapy, nor is it considered mental health or clinical support. Raising Us is considered psycho-educational parent coaching, and while not therapy, is a great additional support to therapy.

Can I Do This Program With My Partner?

Can I Do This Program With My Partner?

Yes, you can absolutely go through Raising Us together with your partner and many do! You can watch the content together or each sign in on your own devices with the email you used to sign up. I just ask that you please not share the materials otherwise. You will only receive one login per family.

I'm So In! But I'm Also Spread So Thin As It Is...How Much Time Will This Take?

I'm So In! But I'm Also Spread So Thin As It Is...How Much Time Will This Take?

Oof, trust me, I totally understand! Here's the thing: Raising Us is built to accommodate busy parents with different needs and learning styles.

Which means that it's completely up to you how quickly or slowly you move through the content, whether you choose to show up for live calls or watch the recordings, whether you find yourself gravitating towards some topics or modalities more than others.

Think of it this way - there are 30+ hours of workshops & recordings inside of Raising Us (and more being added every month), but YOU GET TO CHOOSE which pieces of content are relevant and important to your parenting & healing journey.

But here's what I'll say, yes it takes work to get the most out of this membership. You'll probably spend a couple of hours watching or listening to the recorded content every month. There will also be between 3-6 hours of completely optional live calls every month (which are always recorded).

You get to choose how quickly or slowly you want to move through through Raising Us.

There is no "right" way to show up inside our membership.

And remember, there is no falling behind inside Raising Us.

And there is no pressure to get through every last piece of content inside of the membership. Instead, trust yourself to find your way towards the topics and types of content you connect with the most. 

Will Different Time Zones Be Accommodated?

Will Different Time Zones Be Accommodated?

Yes! The only thing that happens at a designated time are our monthly Q&A calls that happen once a month, our guest speaker sessions & our optional support group calls that currently happen once a month (and are led by the wonderful Sarah Ashton, Mental Health OT & Parenting Coach). We do our best to ensure that the live calls are at different times to ensure that those in different time zones can make at least 1 live call a month if they wish. 

However, all Q&A & Guest Speaker calls are recorded, so if you can't attend live you can watch the replay anytime you like. And for those who can't attend the live calls, submitting your questions to be answered on the "podcast" is a great alternative!

How Is Raising Us Different From Other Memberships Or Courses I've Taken?

How Is Raising Us Different From Other Memberships Or Courses I've Taken?

Alright, I get it - you've read all the books, you follow all the parenting accounts, you've taken all the courses - so what else can Raising Us teach you that you haven't already learned?

Here's what I can tell you - the parents inside of Raising Us are a lot like you and yet, what they tell me over and over again is that Raising Us has helped them understand their kids and themselves in a way that nothing else ever has.

What I'll also say is this - Raising Us is unique in it's ability to be a holistic resource that supports the needs of your ENTIRE family. Most parenting courses or memberships are heavily focused on the needs of our kids, while most healing courses are focused on the needs of us grown-ups, but Raising Us manages to seamlessly do both. In part because I am uniquely trained to work with BOTH parents and kids. 

I'm an occupational therapist - with pediatric training and experience - but I'm also a psychotherapist who primarily works with adults looking to heal from past traumas or childhood wounds or old coping mechanisms that are no longer working for them. 

But above all else, I'm a mother - a neurodivergent & cycle-breaking mother - who practices this work day in and day out with my own sensitively-wired children. I don't just teach the tools, but I live them alongside you, and I do believe that's part of the magic of Raising Us. 

What's also important to know is that Raising Us is living breathing membership community and provides you with so much more than just "content". It is truly structured to help you integrate all that you are learning and our supportive community is here to help you when you get stuck. And, let's be real, you will get stuck. But when you do, we'll be here to help you find your way back to where it is your journey is meant to be taking you.

Can I Sign Up If I'm A Professional Wanting To Do Professional Development

Can I Sign Up If I'm A Professional Wanting To Do Professional Development

Yes, absolutely! This is a wonderful resource for anyone working with children, parents or families and the quantity and quality of the content I'll be offering, along with the opportunity to ask questions in the Q&A calls, makes it a no brainer of an investment if you're interested in bring more nervous system & trauma-informed tools into the incredible work you're doing in the world with sensitively-wired families.

Do You Offer Any Kind Of Discount Or Scholarship Program?

Do You Offer Any Kind Of Discount Or Scholarship Program?

At the moment there is no scholarship program for Raising Us. But it's something the team is working on for the future!

What Are Natalie's Credentials?

What Are Natalie's Credentials?

Natalie is a registered occupational therapist & psychotherapist based in Toronto, Canada. She has done extensive training, including: CBT, DBT, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, CBT-Insomnia, Internal Family Systems, Postpartum Support International, Emotion Focused Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Baby Led Sleep & Wellbeing and more.

I Don't Really Know If I Can Spend Money On This Right Now - What Do You Suggest?

I Don't Really Know If I Can Spend Money On This Right Now - What Do You Suggest?

I totally get it, believe me. Especially if you, like me, have been burned by the online course & membership world and have signed up for programs in the past only to realize that they spent more time creating their marketing materials to get you inside their course than they did actually creating the program itself. 

I never want to be one of those people! In fact, I pretty much need to have daily conversations with my inner perfectionist who is hell bent on making sure that every single person who signs up for Raising Us walks away with their mind blown by how much value is packed inside.

But, if you don't believe me, just take a look at all the testimonials from current Raising Us members that I've shared on this page. Or check out the video of our Raising Us platform below. Or just take the leap and sign up for $147! And think of everything you're getting for the cost those two new bathing suits you've been eying or that dinner out with your family. 

To put it another way, just think about the fact that it costs a whole lot more than $147 to work with me 1:1 for a 50 minute session. But for that same price you're getting 3 months with me, our wonderful community, our content library and so much more. And if you absolutely hate it, which I doubt you will, you can cancel your membership at the end of those 3-months, no strings attached.

Here's what I know for certain - if you've gotten this far down the page and you're still reading this then I know it's because you have a feeling that there's a gap between the relationship you have with your child, or perhaps the relationship you have with yourself, and what you believe this whole parenting journey could really look and feel like for you.

So yes, you could buy another book or keep engaging with free parenting content online OR you could invest in the transformational growth, learning, healing & community that Raising Us has to offer.

And if you still have questions about whether it's the right fit for you and your family, don't hesitate to reach out to our team at hello@highlysensitivefamily.com

Prior to starting this membership I found myself looking to the internet frequently to help me be a better parent

It was exhausting and not that helpful. Raising Us has allowed me to have access to valuable content that I have found applicable to helping understand my child better as well as myself. I had no idea the amount of grief I was experiencing and it has helped me begin healing from the loss of the parenting journey I thought I would have. In addition, I moved forward with an evaluation that my child truly needed and I don’t know that I was fully aware of that before starting this membership. I believe the community as well as the educational content gave me the confidence to recognize that my child needed more.


I'm so glad I joined Raising Us - it has been immensely helpful to me as a highly sensitive mom with a highly sensitive daughter.

From the monthly workshops covering topics ranging from Attachment & Healing all the way to Grief & Trauma, I have learned so much about the nervous system and it has really helped me on my own healing journey as well as continuing to hone in on and tune my own parental instincts to be the best parent I can be for my daughter. Being able to connect with other parents facing similar challenges in the community has also been wonderful - people regularly share their own tips and struggles and it's made me feel a lot less alone.


Raising Us is an incredible resource.

Natalie has stacked this program with research based workshops that span from understanding nervous system dysregulation, attachment styles, to addressing unhelpful thinking just to name a few. This sets a foundation of regulation that as we practice and improve, helps us be better parents and partners. From there we learn about somatics, grief, high sensitivity and countless other topics relative to understand ourselves and our kids better.

Natalie has a beautiful teaching style and has created a wonderful supportive community of parents and individuals working hard to break cycles together. I am truly so grateful for the perspective I have gained and all that I have learned in Raising Us. The tools and education gained through this community have helped my family so much. I highly and enthusiastically recommend this program! :)


Becoming a mother after a decade of infertility in 2020 I felt very alone.

I had a little one that struggled with sleep and feeding. I felt like a failure. The mainstream advice from those around me did not sit well with me. I started to follow Natalie on instagram and it was like a breath of fresh air. When she launched Raising Us I knew it was a community I had to join. I love how Natalie provides educational resources monthly, expert guests and has brought together the most incredible parenting community. Sharing and witnessing eachother on our own healing journeys is deeply therapeutic. I no longer feel alone and I have the language to explain what it means to be a highly sensitive person. She has provided us with tools and strategies to help us in those difficult moments. The coaching calls allow us to share our struggles and celebrate our victories. I feel empowered and confident in my parenting approach and know that being part of Raising Us has lead me to have more compassion for myself and my little one.


sign up Now for $147

sign up Now for $147

Access Your First 3 Months for Only $147 USD. Membership Auto-Renews For 49$/Month After That. Cancel Anytime.

All payments will auto-renew unless cancelled by purchaser. There are no refunds provided.

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Raising Us

Join The Raising
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