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A Transformative 12-Week Course For Parents Who Find Themselves Thinking, "I'd Love Another Baby, But..."

A Transformative 12-Week Course For Parents Who Find Themselves  Thinking, "I'd Love Another Baby, But..."


And yet, it’s a topic we don’t really talk all that much about, outside of those late night chats with our partners, after another sleepless night, when we wonder how in the world we’d ever be able to do this all over again (or is that just me!?)

Maybe you're scared of having a baby who hates to sleep or cries as much as your first did; or you're scared of having a hard experience after a really easy first; or you're afraid your marriage won't survive another child; or you're not ready to lose yourself or your career or your body all over again to those early intensive years of parenting young children; or you're scared to go through another traumatic fertility journey, miscarriage or loss, pregnancy or birth, or another heart-wrenching journey through postpartum depression, or you're just feeling ambivalent about it all and not quite sure what you truly want

And given all of that, and so much more, of course there would be hesitations around having another baby.

Which is exactly why I created this program

There Are So Many Reasons Why We Might Be Fearful Or Even Uncertain About Having Another Baby

Ready to start your journey?

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I'd Love Another Baby, But...

Ready to start your journey?

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A course to help you release your fears and gain the clarity, courage & confidence you need to move forward with the life you envision for you and your family.

Welcome to

I'd Love Another Baby, But...

Ready to start your journey?

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A course to help you release your fears and gain the clarity, courage & confidence you need to move forward with the life you envision for you and your family.

Welcome to

Before I tell you all about this program, let's talk about who this is really for...


you're in the right place!





if you...

Before I Tell You All About This Program, Let's Talk About Who This Is Really For

Have more trust & confidence in your decision to have, or not have, another baby

Have learned how to tell the difference between your fears and what it is you truly want (plus the evidence-based tools to help you do that!)

Have taken the time to look back on your parenting journey, holding space for all the changes, challenges & stories that are impacting your current fears

Have a clear, actionable plan for how to navigate having another baby, covering topics like sleep, setting boundaries, sibling relationships, couple relationships & so much more

Have been able to engage with 20+ hours of content with a trained therapist, around topics like CBT, somatic/nervous system practices, regulation, self-compassion & more

 Have connected with other parents, in real time, on a similar journey as yours, so that you don't ever have to feel alone as you navigate your journey

By The End Of This Course You Will...


I'll never forget a few weeks after my first child was born, looking at my husband and both of us saying at the exact same time: "WTF!" 

Followed by, "why didn't anyone tell us it was going to be this hard?"

The sleep struggles. The colicky baby. The traumatic birth. The tongue tie. The reflux. The way our relationship with one another seemed to crumble at our feet. The postpartum insomnia. The undiagnosed postpartum depression & ptsd.

And so, for a long time we swore to ourselves, never again.

But I also knew that in that moment, and in all the moments and years that followed, as I carried that question around in my heart, that the voice I kept hearing was the voice of someone who still had so much healing work to do. 

I knew that I didn't want such a big, monumental life choice, to be made from a place of fear, regardless of what the ultimate decision was going to be. 

Which meant I had to take the time to process and heal and unpack all those stories about who I was as a mother and all the ways it felt like I had failed.

And that's exactly what this course is here to guide you through.

I've Been Exactly Where You Are Now And I Know How Hard It All Can Feel

Here's the thing...

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Natalie Brunswick

Occupational Therapist
Parenting Educator
mental Health Advocate
Mom to two Amazing boys

This 12-Week Course Will Open For Enrolment in 2024

This 12-Week Course Will Re-Open For Enrolment in 2024

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Natalie provides such valuable information on the nervous system and how it impacts parents. She breaks a complicated topic down into digestible parts and makes it feel accessible and understandable while at the same time making you feel seen and heard in your experiences.

— Anna 

I caught myself saying "Yeeees" To all the content shared!

And as a very anxious, easily triggered parent, with a highly sensitive kiddo with whom I butt heads, I've taken a lot of parenting workshops. I've watched it more than once and found myself thinking about your words on a daily basis. Thank you so much for this class - it spoke to me on such a new level and made me feel so much more hopeful about my parenting journey

This was my favourite parenting class i have ever taken

— Sam 


Our parenting experience made us feel like we were total failures, like we were doing EVERYTHING wrong and couldn't do right. You have made us see that it's actually not really us and also it's not all bad and that we aren't going crazy and that we're not alone...so many positives. Thank you! xo

— Julie 

Thank you!

and another NAME GOES HERE

Your sleep course has helped my husband and I better understand and support our 7 month old, and honestly it's helped our marriage. I feel like we are on the same page - a team - for the first time in a while. Thank you for creating this, pouring your time, wisdom and dedication into it. 

— Rachael 

Grateful to have stumbled upon your account at 3am one day

When our parenting journey doesn't go to plan, when our real life experience of parenting bumps up against the idealized version of how we thought things would be, it can be really hard to think about doing it all over again. And in order to move forward, we first need to take the time to look back at these stories of ours, and the identities they're wrapped up in, which is exactly how we're going to start this course.

In this module we're going to talk about how to move through the grief and loss that can come up on our journey into parenthood, including the ambivalent loss we so infrequently talk about and most parents will experience. We'll also discuss how to move towards forgiveness, both of ourselves and others.

Here's What's Inside The Course

Honouring Your Journey Into Parenthood

Navigating Grief, Loss & Forgiveness

MOdule 1

Module 2

In this module I'll introduce you to the mindset & nervous system practices I use with all of my clients, which will give you the tools you need to critically engage with your hesitations & finally be able to get a sense of whether they're coming from a place of intuition and a deep sense of knowing, or whether they're coming from a place of fear, so that you can finally move forward with confidence & ease.

The Truth About Fear, Uncertainty & Intuition

Module 4

It's the rare person who comes into parenthood without experiencing some kind of stressor or challenge or unexpected hard. And for some, that hard includes so much stress we would call them traumas. Which is why, in this module, we're going to take the time to understand the role stress plays in how we feel, how it impacts our nervous system and in turn our fears around having another baby. Plus everything you learn here will help support your wellbeing through the rest of your journey as a parent.

Stress, Trauma & The Nervous System

Module 3


This module might be my very favourite! We're going to geek out and dive deep into the research on happiness, regret, and what the science tells us really matters when it comes to making those big important decisions in life and in parenting. 

Whenever we're noticing discomfort or fear, it's a good sign that we need to take a look at our needs & values. These form the very foundation of who we are and help guide the choices that we make. If we're clear on these, we'll be able to feel so much more confident about the ways we move towards creating our future. This module is full of exercises to help you peel back these layers so that you can allow yourself to be guided by the needs & values that matter most to you.

Happiness, Regret & What The Science Tells Us Really Matters

Listening To Our Needs & Values

MOdule 5

Module 6

In this module we'll talk about the complicated, not so often talked about, feelings that can arise through this process, such as ambivalence, as well as the important steps we want to take when closing the door to having more children.

Normalising Ambivalence & Making Peace With Closing The Door To More

Module 8

In this module we're going to talk about two of the most common roadblocks that come up when thinking about having another child: perfectionism & shame, unpacking and throwing away all the internalized cultural messaging you've been given about what parenting & family "should" look like. Given self-compassion is the antidote to shame, we'll learn some evidence-based self-compassion exercises to boost your resilience and bolster your wellbeing on your journey forward.

Perfectionism, Shame & The Idealized Family

Module 7

In this module we talk about how to navigate the dynamics and conversations that can arise between ourselves & our partners when we're not on the same page about having more children or we're both really scared about the toll it might take on our relationship, especially given how hard things were last time.

In this final module we're going to take everything we've learned and put it into action. We'll talk about how to build a care team and plan for pregnancy, birth & postpartum with your well-being & mental health in mind; how to prioritize your needs, set boundaries & ask for help; as well as the most important things you want to think about when setting yourself up for a more positive, healing experience with your next baby. Most importantly, you'll walk away with an action plan that will help support you & your family as you start the next phase of your journey.

Navigating Your Relationship With Your Partner

Having Another Child With You & Your Family's Wellbeing In Mind

Module 9

Module 10

Bonus #1: Preparing Your Child/Children For A New Baby

But Wait! There's More

A few little extras

Bonus #2:
The Highly Sensitive Family Blueprint

Bonus #3: 
Live Group Coaching & Q&A Calls

Bonus #4:
The Interview Series

"Navigating Sleep With A New Baby"

Rachael is a certified sleep specialist, breastfeeding educator and, most importantly, mom of 3. Rachael works with families world wide to optimize their family's sleep without sleep training, and believes that every child's sleep solutions should be customized based on their temperament, sensory preferences, and family lifestyle.


the dream team

Rachael Shepard-Ohta



"On Navigating Two Under Two and Preparing For a Third"

Jessica Urlichs is a writer and poet who lives in New Zealand with her husband, her two under two babies who are now 3 and 4, and two fur babies. She is the author of three poetry books on early motherhood, as well as two children's books. 

Teva Johnstone

"On Parenting Neurodivergent Kids & Raising An Only Child"

Teva Johnstone is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, Parent Educator, and Consultant. She specializes in Autism Parent Training with a main focus of her work helping parents of gender questioning youth. Teva is a proud unschooling mom who is passionate about raising spirited and creative kids with a healthy sense of self and believes out-of-classroom learning can be a wonderful way to do that.


"Having Another Child After A Highly Sensitive First"

Dr Aoife Durcan is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist. She works with older children, teenagers and adults in her practice. She specializes in helping people heal from trauma. She is a mom of two, one being a highly sensitive “spirited” little one. She runs various workshops including understanding attachment and healing parental burnout.


Dr. Aoife Durcan



"Contemplating Our Needs, And Our Older Children's Needs, As We Bring Home A New Baby"

Carol is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who works with children, couples, and families and has extensive clinical experience treating depression, anxiety, ADHD, domestic violence, trauma, children/adolescents and relationship issues. Her trainings include: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Internal Family Systems (IFS), AutPlay (Neurodiverse children), Theraplay, and Synergetic Play Therapy. She is also a “Circle of Security” Parenting Facilitator. 

KC Rickerd

"Having A Second & Third Child After PPA & Birth Trauma"

KC Rickerd is a pediatric physical therapist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of babies 0-3 years with a wide variety of diagnoses. More importantly, she is a wife, and a momma to three littles. She is the founder of Milestones & Motherhood, and created her space on the internet after realizing more and more how hard it was for new parents to find information on motor development, what to expect at each stage, and how to help encourage mastery of skills in one, cohesive place.


"Building A Healthy Relationship With Your Partner & Getting On The Same Page With Your Decision To Have More"

Dr. Tracy Dalgleish is a psychologist and couples therapist in Ottawa. Dr. Tracy focuses on helping mothers improve their relationships and reconnect with their partners. A mom to two small children, Dr. Tracy makes clinical knowledge and research accessible to people through her contributions to popular media sites, including Motherly, Huffington Post, and Bustle, her podcast, "I'm Not Your Shrink" and online webinars accessible to people all over the world.


Dr. Tracy Dagleish

Kate Borsato


"The Importance of Caring For Our Mental Health In The Perinatal Period"

Kate (she/her) is mom of two daughters, and lives on Vancouver Island, Canada, with her children and partner. Kate is a mental health therapist who specializes in helping other mothers find their stride as they parent young kids. She leads a team of therapists across Canada, and creates resources, like courses, workshops, and free trainings for moms globally. You can connect with her on Instagram or book with her counselling team for support. 

Rachael Hollinger

"Building A Village & Navigating Postpartum Depression"

Rachael received her associate degree in culinary arts from Kendall college, and is a certified postpartum professional with Newborn Mothers Collective Postpartum Training. Rachael works with all kinds of mothers and birthing people to achieve a more peaceful postpartum through food, breast/bottle feeding support, sleep solutions, massage, herbal care, and birth processing.She lives in Central Pennsylvania with her husband and two children where she loves to walk in the woods, grow herbs, and bake overly complicated things for fun.


"Matrescence & The Journey Into Motherhood"

Nikki is a leader in the emerging discipline of matrescence and is determined to normalise the physical, psychological, and emotional changes women go through during motherhood. She supports mothers and teaches other motherhood practitioners how to integrate matrescence support and education into their work. 


Nikki McCahon

MJ Renshaw


"Healing Breathwork Practices To Guide Your Journey"

MJ Renshaw is the founder of The Being Method: a course on the science of spirituality, a breathwork facilitator, a mom, and probably collecting rocks. 

Sarah Goodman

"Infertility & Holding Space For Grief & Uncertainty"

Sarah is a Registered Social Worker in private practice at Eva Wellness specializing in perinatal mental health. Sarah supports women and their families from their journey to motherhood, pregnancy, parenting and beyond. Sarah sees clients virtually (must be living in Ontario). Follow along on Instagram for more fertility, pregnancy and motherhood content and find more information on our website www.evamentalhealth.com


"Trauma-Informed Movement Practices"

Zabie Yamasaki, M.Ed., RYT (she/her) is the Founder of Transcending Sexual Trauma through Yoga which is an organization that offers trauma-informed yoga to survivors, consultation for universities and trauma agencies, and training for healing professionals. Zabie is a trauma-informed yoga instructor, resilience and well-being educator, and a sought after consultant and keynote speaker. She has worked with thousands of survivors to support them in their healing journey, ground them in their own worthiness and remind them they are inherently whole.


Zabie Yamasaki

Chanel Hogue


"On Preparing For An Empowered, Healing Birth After Trauma"

Chanel is a pregnancy and birth doula, who is also mama to Fitz, Harper and Hendrix and a wife to the most amazing husband. She helps conscious, intentional and independent-thinking families feeling overwhelmed, anxious and powerless by the plethora of conflicting information and negative birth stories to feel educated, empowered, and connected to themselves and each other, so that they can confidently experience birth the way our bodies were designed to.

10 Modules Filled With Evidenced Based Content

The Preparing Your Child For Another Sibling Bonus

The Sensitivity Blueprint Bonus

Access to 3 Live Community Q&A Sessions and The Recordings

12 Intimate Interviews With An Incredible Lineup of Parenting & Mental Health Experts Who Have Been Exactly Where You Are Now

Journaling prompts and exercises to help you dive deeper into the content and walk away with tools and strategies you can implement for many years to come

Inside I'd Love Another Baby But, You Get Access To...

That's over $1,897 in value

How much time do I need to complete the course each week?

Generally you will need around 1 hour a week. That includes going through the weekly module and doing the reflection exercises.

Some parents prefer to take more time, and move through the course at a slower more manageable pace. Either way, you have lifetime access to the online course and the Q&A recordings, so there is no need to rush. 

Is there a refund policy?

Because of the nature of the material in this course, and the way it's being presented, there is no refund available.

Is this a replacement for therapy?

This course is not a replacement for therapy, nor is it considered mental health support. This course is considered educational, not therapy.

Can I do this course with my partner?

Absolutely! You can do the course together. I just ask that you purchase one course per family and do not share the materials otherwise. 

The course will be running live. Which means that every week, for 12 weeks, beginning Monday March 27th, a new pre-recorded module will be released to your course dashboard (except for the two implementation weeks built into the course, after module 4 and module 7, where you have an opportunity to catch up on the material).

But you can go through the content as quickly or as slowly as you like, and come back to it over and over again, knowing that you'll have access to the course content for as long as this course exists, as well as access to all the updates I make to future iterations of the course. 

Will I get access to the course materials immediately?

Frequently Asked Questions

This 12-Week Course Will Open For Enrolment in 2024

This 12-Week Course Will Re-Open For Enrolment in 2024

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